Saturday, January 14, 2012

Journey Back Home

The return home is always something very special and after every trip you just wish to be back home and same was the case with me. However, I still had to make my way to my cozy spacebox from Schipol in the early hours of the day.

While I waited for my baggage to arrive, I recalled my journey from Delhi airport to Schipol. The Delhi Airport has to be by far the best airport I have seen and trust me it is a very proud moment for an Indian who says this after having seen the Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysian airport :P

While it was technologically advanced as per international standards, they had a huge wall with different hand mudras on it. It simply made my heart leap and my eyes tear :) I was so glad that we had finally learnt to combine and showcase our heritage with modern advancements. Moreover, it was really a proud moment when I heard the ground staff using Standard Phonetic Alphabet Codes to guide the passengers :D Sure was surprised when the Indian ground staff asked me to head towards the '10 Bravo' gate and then decoded it 10 'B' hoping I understand :D

Well, I settle down in my KLM flight and I am perfectly positioned (Thanks to me having selected my seat ;)) behind the wing and I am all excited to observe the flap positions (Comes with being a aero engineer :P). But then the sleep God decides to bless me and I am trying to stay awake long enough to see the take off positions but the pilot has his own ideas and decides to taxi around for 20 minutes. And finally he takes off and we must be around 2 Km from the ground when I am all out.

I wake up just in time for breakfast. Most important meal of the day ;) As we came closer to our landing, the land below was so beautiful. The wasnt out yet but the lighting down in Schipol was so ordered. It looked like mini circuit boards. Everything in perfect alignment and in straight lines. Sure was fascinating to see everything in perfect order :D

I finally breathe a sigh of relief as I spot my bag. And after 2 train changes and a bus ride, I walk another 400 Metres and 3 floors up to my lovely cold room :P Luckily the weather was much nicer than when I left. Felt good to be back and Delft was really welcoming :) Felt so perfectly synced with the birds, the people and even the wind .. Had kinda started to miss it :D And from the next day the deadlines and sleepless nights began :D One of my friends even went all broke with no food or sleep for 24 hours. But thats just us keeping things for last minute ;)

Exams creeping up and still a few assignments and presentations to do :) Will surely share any juicy news that come up my way ;)

For now, awaiting my neighbour's return from India :) Hope you all have a lovely time too :)


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