Saturday, January 14, 2012

My 'Self Declared Jealous Girlfriend' ;)

Well, as promised this section is for my 'girlfriend' :D

But let me first tell you about the 3 girlfriends of mine :)

Dont get me wrong, aint a playboy but without each of em, my life would not be the same and currently now that I am here, they all miss me back home :)

Well, the first one is my 'Royal Princess' :D She is my Purple coloured two-wheeler :) Too many close shaves and yet we both are going strong ;)

Then came my beautiful and strong hearted 'Red Princess'. This 4 wheeler beauty of mine is my soulmate. I was afraid I wont be able to drive her when I go back since I was used to riding my bike on the right side here while back home its on the left side. But once I sat in and powered her on, things just switched into gear automatically like it was in my DNA. I almost remembered every pothole and every turn. I say almost because there were new potholes added to the collection of old :P However, we both had quite a lovely time these few days and spent many a days together ^_^

And finally, my last and definitely the star of this blog, is my third and final girlfriend. She is quite something. She gives me access to the whole world but the moment I start talking to a girl, she switches off and wont listen to me no more :( For those who did not get it, she is my beloved modem :P She has a mind of her own and loves controlling my virtual social life :P No amount of coaxing pleases her once her mood is off and its only the next day that she shall forgive me :P

I am sorry if I have bored you away with this one but do come back for the next one because things are just about starting to get interesting in Delft :)

Until next time :)

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