Saturday, January 14, 2012

And so the King of Procrastination finally gives up his title …

I am really sorry for the long gap since my last post my beloved avid readers. If you remember, my last post was from the Paris airport. A lot has happened since then and so I am going to give you all a crash tour ;)
I land in Bangalore and was supposed to be greeted by my Dad. But his flight got delayed and I ended up receiving him :D He was the only one in on this plot of mine ;) So the next day we take a bus to my hometown Mangalore. We reach there by night 9 and head straight to my grand aunt’s place .. She was so pleased to see me :D Then headed over home where mum was praying and thinking it is dad asked me to come in as the door was open. So there I was still ringing the bell and she got irritated and came out only to find me .. Surprises sure are the best things in life :D

Btw, I don’t think I told you but I had come home to attend the wedding of my favourite cousin sister. Little did she know I was making my trip :P And so the next day she sees me and was so shocked that she asked me to go back :P

All in all, her wedding went great and was glad I was able to make it. I met many of my relatives and friends. Was back with my old job of getting people around in my 'Red Princess' ;) And I so loved it :D They say Christmas is a time for family and friends and in that sense I had the perfect Christmas :) I hope you all had a wonderful one too :)

But once all the excitement got over, I was missing my beloved city of Delft and all my dear friends here ..
Wow .. The ‘Grass is greener on the other side’ thing really plays up :D

I wanted to write things for so long but as my dad always says, I am the king of procrastination :D But had many a deadlines to meet and still do. More on those but my next blog I want to dedicate to the ‘self declared jealous girlfriend’ of mine and my 'Red Princess' ;)

Have fun people :)

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