Monday, June 20, 2011

Blessed By God And Cursed By Devil

Blessed By God And Cursed By Devil,

We Are The Mortals Always In Peril.

We Live In Darkness And Think Its Light,

So Terribly Misguided Is Our Sight.

We Speak Of Justice And Righteous Ways,

Which Causes Destruction With No Regrets,

And Then The Declaration That World's In Peace,

With The Death Of Billions With None To Grieve.

The Cries And Pleas Of The People Echo,

But The Media, As Usual, Bids Them Adieu,

Masked By The Ads, Sports And Usual Gossip,

Who Shall Stand Above The Rest To Hear Them Out ?

The Test Of God Does Still Prevail,

To Seek The Human Still Humane,

The Creation He So Lovingly Made,

With Hope And Faith Of A Better Race.

With Every Move That We Make,

We Seal The Fate That We Love To Hate,

Wouldn't You Say Its Up To Us,

To Be Blessed By God Or Cursed By Devil ?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Crimson Moon

Looking At The Crimson Moon,
I Think Bout Days Come And Gone,
My Life Plays Back The Moments Lived,
And I Watch What My Memories Reveal ..

Lost In A Flurry Of Memories,
I Gaze Upon The Crimson Moon,
And I Curse, I Hate And Despise,
The Person I Have Come to Become ...

In Transition Is What You Are,
That Is What People Say,
But Deep Down In My Heart,
I Know Its Turning Back To Stone ..

With A Hope, A Wish And A Dream,
I Shall Break These Shackles Of Destiny,
For I Know, That I Can,
Become The One That I Was ..

With A Promise Of Another Day,
Another Chance Shall Come My Way ,
With Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain,
I Shall Rise, Once Again ...