Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And So It Began…

I start today, owing a big thanks to my buddies Hardik and Ravi. If not for them, this surprise trip would not have been possible.

When my friend Sindhu asked innocently “What will you do if it rains ?”, I did not in my worst dreams imagine the weather to turn around so drastically from a pleasant full moon sky to a full on storm.

Hardik with his SENZ (Thanks to TEDxDelft) umbrella, me with my normal umbrella and Ravi with no umbrella took off from our cozy boxes at 2:15 AM. It was time for me to leave for Schipol to catch my flight heading home for my sister’s wedding a.k.a winter vacations ;)
Dragging two huge bags through the almost horizontal rain and stormy wind and heading towards the Delft train station proved to be much more than a walk in the park.
Both the guys having classes at 8:45 today, they still agreed to come help me out. Makes me glad I have such good friends :) Hope they went for it :P

I am sitting in the Paris Airport as I write this. It sure lacks the charms and glamour of Schipol. Did love the Schipol atmosphere in the early morning. Much less crowded and very well organized.

The scary part was that I kept falling asleep on the train and the airport. And as I boarded the plane for Paris, I dint even bother checking out the girl sitting next to me and fell asleep (Thanks to last 3 nights of sleepless nights to meet the assignment deadline :P). Got up to hear that the weather is very turbulent and will be served only sandwiches and cokes. Gulped both down and off to heavenly sleep again. Not before I peeked outside the window and mannn… It sure was worth it. The landscape created by the clouds and the rising sun adding all sorts of shades on the stormy clouds only strengthened my belief that God truly is an artist with skills beyond imagination.

Anyway, here I am, this is me, there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be .. Damn !! Listening to too much of Bryan Adams does get you side tracked :P Sorry bout that. Better keep this blog short.
On an ending note, I would like to address two points:

1.      1.The girl I was sitting next to had really pretty and happiness filled eyes ^_^. How can I not check her out ehh ? ;) :P
2.       2. The SENZ really is a storm umbrella. Do buy it if you intend on roaming around during a fully fledged storm.

A bientot, more to come soon with news on how my family got a surprise with my arrival (not talking about my first arrival 22 years ago ;) :P). Except dad no one knows so hushhhh :D
Have a great week :)

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