Saturday, May 5, 2012

After Exam Masti

Well, if you have been following my blog, you definitely might have found out by now that April has been the best of months in terms of fun and activities. But there were a few more events I forgot about (Can you blame me ? ;) )

So after the tiring week of exams came the weekend. I wanted to just hit the sack and sleep and sleep but I had signed up for an After Exam Masti event organized by the Indian Students Association Delft.

Getting up early on the morning of 22nd April, my neighbour Sindhu and I bike in the early morning (9:30 am :P) chilly air towards the tram station. We meet the rest of the gang and catch the next tram to Hague along with our guide Amrit.

We switch trams and along with a couple more people, head to the Gurudwara in Hague. After almost 22 years in India, I finally visit a Gurudwara and that too in Hague. Well, there is a first for everything :D

We tie a saffron coloured cloth on our heads and enter the main prayer hall. The bhajans and verses from the Guru Grant Sahib were being recited in Gurmukhi. The feeling of liberation and attainment of inner peace could not be denied. Although I did not understand the meaning of the the recitals, they still struck a chord which vibrated within me making me feel a energy so positive. It did feel good to finally experience this feeling, after so many months, in a temple in Hague.

After the prayers, we got "Sheera" as prashad or the sweet which is offered to God during the prayers. This was followed by lunch. We all sat in line for the food and we were served hot rotis (wheat bread) , along with carrot and potato mash, green gram dal, boondi-raita, gajar ka halwa (Carrot Halwa - Sweet Dish).

As I always maintain, temple food has a taste which cannot be replicated, no matter as hard as you try, at home. It was very delicious and we all ate till we could no more.

From there, we all headed towards Scheveningen beach with a big content smile spread over our faces. This was my first time here and although the weather was sunny, it did not stop it from being cold and windy. This ruled out our Frisbee plan since it just kept moving in one direction. At one time it just kept rolling away with the wind and my friend Karthik had to go chasing after it before it just rolled out of reach :P

So we sat there and chatted away till we got bored and headed off to Hague. We roamed around for a while and ended the tour at McDonalds.

This ended the saga of the After Exam Masti. Although there wasnt much of "Masti", we had a great time and isnt that what matters ? :)

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