Monday, April 30, 2012

The Keukenhof Trip

Ever experienced how during the study break the weather is so good and as soon as the exams are finishing up the weather Gods turn their backs at you ? The same happened to us too. We were holed into our rooms or the library while the sun shone bright and the spring atmosphere made me just want to lie on the grass and laze. My last exam was at 6:30 in the evening and voila, it starts to rain. It dint stop at that. it went on for a week.

The classes and the assignment pressure began as soon as the exams ended. The week ends and the weekend begins with the Keukenhof Trip organised by the International Office. As the weather channels predicted, it was supposed to rain that day. We still hoped it wouldnt and went to bed the previous night. I wake up the next morning to hear the heavy showers pelting on my roof.

Well, no point backing out now. So off I get ready and stuff my hoodie in a backpack along with my trusty camera fully charged and raring to go :D
It was cold and drizzling as I walk towards the Aula where the buses were parked. I meet and greet the various gangs (Roland, Van Hasseltlaan, Poptahof, etc) ;) and bitch about the weather a bit until all are asked to climb aboard.

The trip was pleasant and uneventful but it was pouring down heavily. Some had bought umbrella and the rest squeezed their heads into the available extra space :D Luckily for me I had a reversible rain jacket which did manage to keep my upper body dry but the weather was rather cold and so the onion layer theory came to my rescue once again.

We make our way towards the world famous tulip gardens where my friend decides to buy a raincoat. We had a great time laughing as he tried to find his hands in the rain coat :P But by the time he did manage to find it, the rains had stopped. And so began our photography session.

To be frank, my camera had never been pushed this far in terms of battery and memory card limitation. It usually lasts for weeks with a single charge but Keukenhof demands a lot out of a camera. Luckily for me, it survived till the end which was 5 hours and I was a proud owner of my little camera which captured amazing pictures.

Sadly, I missed out on the endless fields of tulips but maybe in another trip or next year I shall capture it too :) I really appreciate International Office arranging this trip to Keukenhof and hope that next time, it is arranged on a sunny day :D

PS: It is the ultimate test for a camera and a photographer's paradise. So if you plan to visit this side of the world during this time of the year, do not miss out on this beautiful garden on the face of this planet :)

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