Friday, December 2, 2011

The Curious Case Of Dreams

It has always been a mystery how the dreams we dream are connected to our lives or sometimes even related to us. But no matter what, it sure affects your day if you let them.

It was only today when I was dreaming about driving a nice big SUV and it was the only thing on my mind all day. Made me want to go back home and drive my 'Red Princess' :)

It was only after some time of day dreaming that I realized that I was driving the car on the right side of the road while back home, we drive on the left side. Netherlands sure did affect me pretty fast in this aspect :P

Some of my dreams are so action packed that it puts Hollywood action movies to shame. Sadly with increasing time after waking up, the memory of the dreams fade away. Well, but sure is fun to snooze a bit more and see how the end turns out ;)

It also happened to me once that I saw this old house with very intricate designs on the floor and after a few months, I went to this house in a village which had the exact same designs and it was the same house. Strange ? Well, people do claim that they have premonitions in their dreams.

So, keep dreaming but dont let the nightmares/bad dreams spoil your day :)

I hope you have a sweet dream tonight :)

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