Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And So Stops The Game Of Hide & Seek…

For almost a week, the little town of Delft seemed like the perfect location to shoot a haunted movie more likely the sequel to “The Mist” (No prizes for guessing but this one would have been called “The Fog” :P)

The tall and famous landmark (EEMCS), which you cannot miss even if you try to, had completely vanished. You could not see the 22 floor mega-structure standing 10 meters in front of it. Maybe the fog is the secret to the famous vanishing acts. Something to ponder on don’t you think ;)

Such mysterious weather and how can we forget our beautiful Library? So my friend and I head over only to find a soothing glow emanating from the cone of the Library. To give this glow a more mystifying angle, let me simply put them in my friend’s words - it is the result of students getting enlightened :P

And how can the "Foolosopher" not talk  philosophy in such unique weather conditions ? ;)
So here goes : In life, the path is never clear. There are many uncertainties and bumps. So do not worry nor be discouraged. Have faith and move forward and take them on as they appear.
Guess I better run after my friend now and tell him to walk on the walking path just to be on the safer side :P

It sure was a fun week trying to figure out places, faculties and especially people. With layers of clothing, jacket and cap, the fog definitely did not help ease our plight in recognizing people. It happened only yesterday when a guy waved to me and I had to squint and really go close to figure out who he was :D

The fog has finally cleared and faces and buildings are again visible and so resumes my wait for the first snowy day :)

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