Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Lesson Rightly Learnt :D

Kids, when someone tells you to dress as per the Onion Layer Theory (Dress in layers), you better heed their advice. I obviously found that out the hard way.

This happened to me on the 10th of November 2011 a.k.a yesterday. Making full use of the last few days of my vacation period (exam period for others :P), I wake up at 1 PM only to find the sun shining brightly which was definitely a big surprise after the previous day’s cold and gloomy weather(General opinion). If truth be told, coming from a South Indian coastal city where it rains for 6-8 months in a year, I loved the weather :D

My friends and I decide to hit the Thursday market and I start dressing up based on the Onion Layer Theory. But the weather being so bright and sunny, I decide to put the theory to rest and dress up in a normal T and a half sleeved jacket which I am so gonna regret. But let’s save it for later ;)

On the way, for the first time I see the big bridge, between TU Delft and Centrum, open up. Quite a nice start for my day I think. Little did I know what was in store for me :D

We reach the market area only to be greeted by 4-8 flower shops. Wow, quite a bummer. So we head over to the St. Joseph’s church and it turns out to be magnificent. The architecture, the design, the atmosphere, everything blends in so well. It sure is a sight to marvel at.

We come out to find the weather turning around pretty quick. The sun was setting and the temperature dropping along with a ghastly misty effect. In short, the Dementor effect (Credits to Harry potter Encyclopedia ;)). So we enter our regular Turkish shop to catch a bite and the hot Kapsalon in that cold weather felt so good. It sure hit the right spot :D

When we come out, it has gotten worse. It is freezing cold and windy. It was like rubbing salt to our wounds :( Worse was to hear this duck quack out loud. Sounded more like “You forgot to get your jacket.. Qua, qua qua qua qua (Donald Duck Style)”. It really did sound that way :D

Thanks to a lovely puncture, I had to walk back home now. By the time we reached home, the mist had gotten so thick that the EEMCS building was looking more like an illusion than a real building and I couldn’t even feel my nose :D

All the way I kept wondering if I had shivered at any point of time. As I had read somewhere, your body shivers (vibrates) to generate heat. If it stops shivering, it means that the body is starting to give up. I know .. Gives you the creeps :D

Anyway, reached my warm humble abode in one cold popsicle piece and stuck myself to the heater which I am sure is gonna be my best buddy during winter :D

A lesson rightly learnt and in time too. I am so going to respect the Onion Layer Theory from now onwards. The weather forecast for the coming few days is 5, 5, 3, 2, 2 with possibilities of snow next Friday.. Now that is something to look forward to ;)

Well, I sure hope you know by now that you should not underestimate the weather :D

More updates after my weekend visit to Amsterdam .. Till then, a very warm good luck to all for a very cold winter season and the coming academic quarter :)

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