Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life In A Place So Far Away ...

To have lived in a place as good as heaven,
Showered with love and pampered by all,
Life was easy and life was great,
But things do change and so did I.

With hopes and dreams of a better life,
I am on my way to a foreign land.
And greeted by the gloomy skies,
I find myself in an unknown land.

Lost in a flurry of memories,
I think about the days to come,
Sitting alone in my room,
I miss my family and my home.

As I wander in this foreign land,
I find people from places far,
As I come to know them more,
I start to feel more at home.

Across oceans and miles apart,
From the place where I wish to be,
Here I am here we are,
Here is where we all want to be.

Blending cultures and blending ways,
I learn something new everyday,
And varieties of food from cultures vast,
It’s now become a welcome change.

Curious about local food and ways,
We planned a visit to a local place,
But the culture here being a different one,
It was easier to say than to have done.

Finally successful in our quest,
Deciding a menu with all our zest,
We head over with bottles of wine,
For a night of fun, learn and dine.

We start to cook with lots of zeal,
And the hosts will guide that’s the deal,
We finish cooking and its hours late,
Yet patiently with a smile they do wait.

A great meal with people few,
A feeling of family in a place so new,
Bringing back memories of days back home,
No complaints, but now, this place is home ... 
Team Edam - 3 With Ineke's Family :)

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