Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Ray Of Sunshine In The Monsoon

The looming sky filled with gloom,
Brought a darkness of impending doom,
The air was cold and the land was wet,
And that's when fuel ran out in my jet.

Crashing down into land unknown,
Surrounded by nothing but earth and stone.
And With the cold drops pouring down,
I found a companion for tears disowned.

Day after day I sat in vain,
And day after day we shared the pain.
Devoid of hopes and devoid of dreams,
We sunk together to the bottom of sea.

But maybe it was not meant to be,
For, a ray of sunshine came to me.
And I swim up towards the source of light,
To find a new world in my line of sight.

It had cleared away the clouds of rain,
And, with it also my suffering and pain.
Dampness and darkness replaced with warmth and light,
And so began the era of flowers, birds and butterflies.

Filling me with hopes and dreams,
It made me realize how happiness feels.
And Thus I came to experience,
The best times of my existence.

But as all good things must come to end,
The sunshine left with a hole to mend.
And so returned my dear old friend,
Glad to be back and to make amends.

I can feel the rain once again,
Pulling me down as I resist in vain.
Sinking deep towards the ocean floor,
My eyes close and shall see no more.

The memories of all those dear to me,
I feel them now as they sink with me.
With no intention to let them down,
 I begin to rise with new resolve.

I start anew with a heart of stone,
To live for those who need me most.
Until the arrival of the promised day,
When another ray shall find its way.

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