Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feeling Low Anyone ? :)

It could be the weather, it could be that you are away from family & friends and miss them, it could be because things aren't working out as you planned or it could be anything.

But no one deserves to be sad. Not with Christmas around the corner. While a tub of ice cream and loads of chocolate might make you feel better, how about you try going through that old social networking account like Orkut. Check out that old profile of yours and the things you had written down. You never know.. It may be the best thing to help you up when you are feeling low.

Over time, one changes a lot. For good or for worse, no one knows.

Today was one of those days when I just felt like going through my Orkut account. To my surprise, I found a very different me in there. Immature and brash, imaginative yet crazy but there qualities like being unreasonable confident, blindly believed in people, was proud of who I was and more importantly, happy without reasons which over time I had simply moved on without.

I for one was never one who worried and definitely one who planned. I was spontaneous and took everything head on no matter what stood in front of me. I was happy go lucky, and things always worked out for me.

But as our society specializes in advices, you keep getting reminded how you aren't perfect and how what you do is not the right way. You start thinking and change yourself to fit the mould the world expects.

Thinking can be good but over-thinking to a point that one becomes so insecure as to belittle themselves can simply be the worst rough patch. It is a hard task to climb out of that well. More harder than the one Bruce Wayne climbs out of in The Dark Knight Rises.

So let me stop straying from the topic and get back to it. Go to one of those sites and check out what you were and how you have grown. But if you find some qualities which you had back then, which made you happy, try nurturing them again.

Because sometimes the answers you seek, they definitely lie within you. But they simply could be neglected and forgotten :)

Remember who you were for bitter experiences are part and parcel of life and discarding virtues that defined you is not the answer. Remember where you come from for it instills humility. Remember why you did the things you did for they tell you the reason. And last but not the least, remember to be happy and spread that cheer around.

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