Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It has been a while.. Definitely more than a while. When I started blogging here as part of the TUD blogging team and especially when I stopped, I never expected so many of you to read it and contact me regarding your queries.

So here I am, back, to tell you a little about what has happened in my life since my last post.

Sometime in the end of June, I was desperately looking for internship opportunities and none seemed to be coming by. Luckily, a 2010 batch aerospace masters student, whom I knew, was doing his thesis with Shell Global Solutions at that time and they happened to be looking for some interns. So a group of 9 students (including moi) and a TUD Aerospace professor headed to the Shell Projects & Technology office in Rijswijk.

Up till that very day, whenever I heard of Shell and how my friend was doing his thesis in some corner of the office, I imagined a "control room" office with monitors, controls and people in orange jumpsuits (Personal Protection suits). But as I laid my eyes on the Shell building in Rijswijk, I went "WOW"!!!!

It is a beautiful office and yes everyone was dressed to impress and were not wearing jumpsuits :D

We were quickly introduced to the staff and a brief presentation followed which included lunch (Yeay!! Free food) :P. Following this there was a informal interview which none of us were informed of. And after almost 3-4 weeks of waiting, 6 of us were informed that we had been selected to do our internship with Shell and were given choice of assignments and joining dates.

Since then, I have had a great time. This has been an amazing journey and I have been given so many opportunities to learn and develop both in technical and personal front. I can tell you so much about this company and yet it will be too little. So I will let you experience it for yourself in case you happen to want to work for it.

I finished my internship in February this year and was offered a chance to continue my thesis with Shell. Moreover, the person who could help me with my thesis happened to be in Bangalore and I have been here since March. Of course I happened to have couple of exams to write in April for which they also flew me back and forth (PS: Business Class) ;)

I am currently still working on my thesis and hoping to finish off soon (By January maximum). My future posts will be focused on the Job Search front. I will make sure to add in essential tips in there to help you understand and apply more successfully. So do keep a look out for my future posts and trust me I have loads of things I wish to share.

If you do have specific questions (other than if you will get scholarships or jobs) do feel free to e-mail me at and I will try to respond to you as soon as I can.

Till then, Adios!!

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