Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Crimson Moon

Looking At The Crimson Moon,
I Think Bout Days Come And Gone,
My Life Plays Back The Moments Lived,
And I Watch What My Memories Reveal ..

Lost In A Flurry Of Memories,
I Gaze Upon The Crimson Moon,
And I Curse, I Hate And Despise,
The Person I Have Come to Become ...

In Transition Is What You Are,
That Is What People Say,
But Deep Down In My Heart,
I Know Its Turning Back To Stone ..

With A Hope, A Wish And A Dream,
I Shall Break These Shackles Of Destiny,
For I Know, That I Can,
Become The One That I Was ..

With A Promise Of Another Day,
Another Chance Shall Come My Way ,
With Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain,
I Shall Rise, Once Again ...