Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Missing Ingredient

                An evening spent in the beach can be such a spectacular experience. The hot Sun glowing in all its grand splendor and yet getting tucked away into the mighty ocean leaving behind the last few rays to linger in the sky. The splash of the waves, the ever active wind throwing the sand into our faces. In short, nothing but a perfect way to end a day. But is it then ??

                Memories in our lives act like salt. Lack of it, leaves the dish tasteless. More of it, makes the dish a waste. Yet, in a balance, it completes the dish to give our taste buds a royal treat.

                Well, today was just one of those "its not your day, mate" day. Memories of the past year came rushing in and the flow was too much to stop. It made me realize that this so called 'perfect' day with the beautiful sunset is not perfect at all. It lacked the missing ingredient. It lacked that main ingredient that can make a bad day turn good, flood the darkness in your heart with light and replace your sorrows by happiness... The ingredient called "FRIENDS".

                   Dedicated to all my friends who made my past days so memorable and who have a big hand in the making of the person I am now. Wish you all were there with me today. But I could only imagine how it would feel to have you all by my side, staring silently into the dimming light of this glorious evening only to realize that this day, couldn't have ended in a better way.


  1. Lovely !
    People usually run away from the crowd, but its this crowd which defines our existence !
    Crowd called friends..

  2. Thanks Poo :) Nice to see someone follow :D